Monday, June 5, 2017

behind the scenes│nothing but you, your camera and remote control, June 27th, 2016, Lake Whitney, TX

I stopped by the Lake Whitney for a few days while coming back from my art show in Bremond, TX.

It often happens to me to suddenly become creative in new places especially if I can feel and smell wood there. It was the case in that fascinating cabin, too; only I realized that I had nothing, absolutely nothing I needed at that time for styling, not even a hairpin to tie my hair... I was very angry at myself, but when I pack for an art show, there are thousands of other more important things I have to think of. Anyway, I used one of my summer thin blouses to attach hair up, and this black body that seemed good for my concept. I sat down at the big round table. Many ideas started flowing.

This is where I created my series titled "And All Was Night Below Stretching Its Body, the Fur Of a Live Killer Panther".

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  1. Thank you for being so incredibly creative with the smell of wood, a summer blouse and the world a-round you (in Arthurian table form). Scarcity is the fuel for the creative heart and mind. You continue to amaze.
    Truly, if we had everything, I believe we would be too content. An eventual creative starvation would cause the soul to sink and drown in the status quo, leaving very little - if any - hunger for meaningful life. And life without meaning is not really life.


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