Tuesday, April 18, 2017

exhibitions│2017 Thin Line Photography Festival April 19-23 Denton TX, US

I'm pleased to announce that my series of self-portraits titled "The Trembling Living World Will Congeal Into A Perfect Shape Nearly Geometrical" has been curated into the Thin Line X Photography Festival, and will be on exhibit from April 19th through 23rd at the 2017 Thin Line Festival in Denton, Texas, U.S.A.

About the THIN LINE Photography

The 2017 Thin Line Photography Experience is a competitive, curated showcase of the best and most promising talent in photography. As our name suggests, we are always pushing that thin line a little further so this year we’ve narrowed our photography submission categories down to just one: “Show Us Your Best Work”. We asked our submitters to send us that one image (or series of images) that clearly defines their style, scope, and passion.

The Photography Exhibit will display over 125 printed submission images at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center (PAAC), an outdoor gallery on the Square in downtown Denton and a special display at the Golden Triangle Mall. The Patterson-Appleton Arts Center will also host scheduled musical entertainment, Happy Hour events and photography workshops including drone photography, storm chasing photography and image copyright laws.

Check out the 2017 PHOTOGRAPHY program:



Thin Line is a 5-day film, music, and competitive photo festival held in the heart of Denton, Texas. Each year, international documentaries of many interests are shown, national multi-genre live music acts and regional photographers come to Denton to exhibit their talents.

Thin Line Film
is a documentary film festival. We love documentaries because real life is indeed more interesting (and more powerful) than fiction; and because the documentary genre has much more depth than our festival could ever hope to capture in a single year, but we try. We screen all types of documentaries including hybrid forms such as mockumentaries, docudramas, animated docs, docu-comedies, and if you look closely you may even find a docufiction.

Thin Line Music
is the soundtrack of the festival. It’s the perfect mix of styles giving all our guests an ideal way to wrap up the evening. It’s quintessential Denton: national and regional acts on small, intimate stages. A diverse mix of genres awaits festival attendees ensuring the party doesn’t stop until the early morning.

Thin Line Photo
is a competitive, international photography event. Explore scores of curated print and digitally-exhibited photographs at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center as well as a smaller gallery in Golden Triangle Mall. Other photo events include free online-only contests and immersive photography workshops.

Thin Line is a one-of-a-kind festival. We’ve combined the best of modern media to create an engaging, multi-layered experience that appeals to all. Come experience it for yourself.

The Meaning of ‘THIN LINE’

‘Thin Line’ refers to the space between two opposites such as genius and crazy, fact and fiction, beauty and sadness, knowledge and apathy, right and wrong. There are two sides to every issue and the thin line represents the conflict between the two. Therein lies the drama. It can be seen in every documentary film. It can be heard in every musical performance. It can be studied in every photograph. Life is full of thin lines, and we celebrate them.

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  1. A hope for balance as you journey along the beautifully precarious Event Horizon.


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