Thursday, April 27, 2017

art shows │ SPACES McKinney May First Friday, May 5th, Dallas, TX

Every first Friday, SPACES McKinney Avenue invites you to experience great art, great company, and great design-all in one place. Enjoy an inspiring evening of art, cocktail, and conversation with a community of like-minded people.

FREE admission, but please, register here:

Check out my calendar of art shows for spring season:


  1. Even when dealing with the business end of art and display, your presentations find life in their ability to reveal a timeless and contrasting world. Shadow and light, open/closed, real/reflected, hidden and exposed...such a strong and fragile silence of duality that shouts beautifully the artistic voice.
    Quietly, well sung.
    Or, something like that.

    1. It was beautiful what you said. Thank you!

    2. The mirror reflects back what it sees. You are welcome.


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