Tuesday, February 14, 2017

weird stories│forced to pose with bullets on the beach in Santa Monica, CA September 2015

I was on holidays in California at that time, and I do remember that it wasn't actually my lucky day. First, they messed up with our tour and took us to Hollywood (what a tiring unimportant thing to my life!), then that incident on the beach. I think I am a weirdo, thus I attract completely crazy people.

We arrived in Santa Monica for the sunset. The beach wasn't crowded at that hour. Then, I noticed a stranger coming towards me holding something in his hands. He was quite far away, but I already felt that something was wrong. I mean my intuition knew it. So he approached me, and started putting bullets on me in, around my waist and hips telling me that it would look sexy and made a great styling for pictures.

He seemed quite unpredictable to me with all that crazy idea and his excitement. In such circumstances I would rather not react like normal people do, but follow 'madman'. It's always safer than categorically refusing or rejecting them. So this is what I did; only I used that thing my way. NO MORE WAR!!!

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