Saturday, October 15, 2016

prints, prints, my prints│Limited Editions in SQUARE FORMAT

Some of my works are available as Limited Edition prints.
Limited Edition print means that there will ever be only a certain number of prints produced, and once they are sold, there won’t be any more available.
As I print my works at different sizes, I limit the number of prints to a certain number at each size. For my Limited Editions there are 50 prints of the small size, 25 prints of the medium size, and 15 prints of the large size. This makes a total of 90 prints in the full edition.
4”X4”: edition of 25
5”X5”: edition of 25
12”X12”: edition of 15
18”X18”: edition of 10
24”X24”: edition of 7
36”X36: edition of 5
54”X54”: edition of 3
My Limited Edition prints are exactly the same, although they are not all printed at the same time. Each print in an edition is printed on the same paper, with the same archival quality inks, by the same printer store which is in my case COUPRALUX- fine are printer and gallery in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
My Limited Edition prints are signed and numbered on the back of the print, and on the front of the mat. I also deliver a signed certificate of authenticity which is produced on one of the kind handmade paper and mailed to you usually within two weeks after purchasing my print.
There are also a small number of Artist’s Proofs (usually 2 or 3 in my case) available once the edition has sold out. These are not included in the number of prints in the edition.
Artist’s Proofs are special proofs that traditionally were test prints but the term has now come to mean prints that are identical in quality and media to the Limited Editions, but are sometimes perceived to have a higher value because they are the artist’s own copies.
Each artist handle pricing differently, but it is usual for the price of Limited Edition print to increase as the edition comes closer to being sold out. The Artist’s Proofs are usually the last to be sold and they are sold at the highest price.
Some of my Limited Edition prints can be donated for Silent Auctions to help support a great cause, or as a present to individuals who have a special meaning to me.

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