Monday, October 31, 2016

art shows│RAW presents VERVE October 21, 2016 Miami, FL (post II)

I've got a 6'X6" gridwall space to showcase my work. I worked hard on this show before I came to Miami. OMG! I really worked hard on this one. Even the last night before the flight I slept only three hours; I didn't expect that packing my prints and taking care of little details could take me so much time. Anyway, everything was perfectly ready to hang. The call time for installment was 1 pm. The setup took me just about 40 minutes. I wanted to do it quickly, and go enjoy my time on the beach before the evening show starting at 7 PM. I thought I had plenty of time to sunbathe, coming back to my hotel room and get ready for the evening show when I found out from the show director that I had to be back there at 5:30 PM! I had just one thought: NO WAY! I devoted so much of my life to this show (only the correspondence took me almost half a year before I was accepted which wasn't obvious until the very last moment--I had my flight booked and still, wasn't sure if I am in the show or not) that I cannot simply anymore.

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