Thursday, August 25, 2016

Women Texas Film Festival│August 19-21 2016 Texas Theatre Dallas, TX

The most intense and meaningful to me was "Piece of Naan" directed by Rijaa Nadeem.


"The “Youth” shorts program, many of which were directed by local up-and-coming female filmmakers, features films that deal with the conflicts and hurdles ever-present in the lives of young women, be it dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, escaping poverty, getting out of a day at work in order to head out to the beach, navigating the dating world, or being a transvestite in the unforgiving religious culture in Pakistan."

Shorts Block: Youth
84 min.
DIR Paloma Hernandez
USA, 10 min., Color

Mosca, (fly)
DIR Lizette Barrera
USA, 9 min., Color, English & Spanish

Minor Setback
DIR Augustine Frizzell
USA, 10 min., Color

Ball is Life
DIR Terry Bluez
USA, 7 min., Color

Starry Night
DIR Paxton Farrar
USA, 19 min., Color

A Perfect Cocktail
DIR Kat Albert
USA, 8 min., Color

Piece of Naan
DIR Rijaa Nadeem
USA, 11 min., Color, Urdu (with English subtitles)

DIR Paloma Hernandez
USA, 4 min., Color

Piece of Naan
United States, 11 min., Color, Urdu (with English subtitles)
Living as an outcast within the conservative religious society of Pakistan, Rafi is a transvestite who earns a living through begging and selling his body. He meets Nadia who grew up in the upper class of society however is forced into prostitution by her indebted father. Even though they are from completely different walks of life, they learn to bond amidst a common difficult situation.

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