Wednesday, August 24, 2016

India 2016 "Royal Rajasthan"│Bishnoi Village Safari: encounter with sheep (post II)

March 9th, 2016
Rajasthan, India

He appeared just a few seconds after we stopped the vehicle, and approached the flock of sheep. Of course, to me they seemed lonely creatures, but in fact they belonged to someone. When I saw this young Indian man, I was almost as much astonished as seeing those animals in the middle of nowhere. Oh, he was lovely! He helped us to catch a sheep, so I can take pictures. He even let me take pictures of himself holding a sheep. I thought Indian people were so kind and capable of good deeds, but I was so wrong at that time. When I was leaving, he followed me to the car, and I can't tell you how he made me feel when I heard from his mouth: "500 rupees!" Well, it wasn't the first day of my stay in India, and even though I was a bit confused about Indian people asking me for money absolutely everywhere (I don't mean beggars here), he was the one who added fuel to the fire. I cursed in my mother tongue: "Fucking money-grubbing Indians!" I will never change my mind in this matter. Yes, they are.

"Bishnoi area comes under the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Bishnoi area is a wonderland where wild animals walk past village huts; where the villagers prefer to sleep without food so that the animals are fed and are ready to die to save the trees and nature. Bishnoi carpenters never cut trees. They wait for trees to die on their own or fall down during storms. The varied species in Bishnoi villages include black bucks, antelopes, chinkaras, peacocks and even cranes. The black buck is also a much-worshipped animal among the Bishnoi tribes who inhabit the area. Bishnois follow world's only environmental religion."

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  1. That's a crummy way to end an otherwise lovely serendipitous moment. Maybe this is a common thing for this farmer and he has decided he may as well cash in? Even though that's only 7.45 USD, still...


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