Monday, August 1, 2016

exhibitions│New Texas Talent XXIII Craighead Green Gallery Dallas, TX (post II)

This picture was taken at the Craighead Green Gallery on Wednesday July 27 when I delivered my work for the New Texas Talent exhibition. This is a very very spacious modern gallery space. I was absolutely amazed by its grandeur.

A little behind the scenes of this exhibit

This was a call for professional emerging artists which I discovered randomly somewhere (I don't even recall where) and put it on my waiting list with the deadline in my calendar. I rarely submit anything earlier. It was also the case this time. Well, I was audacious enough to apply, and at the very last moment. Only selected artists were meant to get notifications and this is what I marked in my calendar as well with the date of July 1st. On July 1st I didn't receive any notification, so I assumed I failed. That's all right: there are so many beautiful artists more important than me in the world of art. I just gave it a try, it didn't work, and I felt at least good about myself that I overcame my laziness and went through the application process. You know, I much more prefer creating, but there is no one else to help me with applying for exhibitions. And it cost time, yes, a lot of time! 

Anyway, on July 20th I got a call, which of course I did not pick up(usually, I do not pick up phone, I do not like talking on phone especially if I have to communicate in English). I am so grateful to John, who didn't give up on me, and just after his call texted me about the results. I was still in bed, but when I saw such news, oh, I can't tell you how fast I woke up. July 20 was the deadline to submit all paper works to be included in the exhibit. I just turned on the computer and started working, yes, without a shower, breakfast, drinking anything. I respect deadlines. I had to make sure that I would still have enough time to print my work, order a frame and frame it. It was a little bit risky, but I succeeded. The July 27 my work was delivered to the gallery. I could meet the director of the gallery, and I found out that they liked my work. I was asked to send more examples of it.

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